The Malton Women Council (MWC) Women

Our MWC Woman of the Week is ‘NIVEDITA SHORI’, who is our ex-Board Vice President and a dedicated volunteer since 2017. Nivedita has played a vital role in helping MWC reach the golden milestone of receiving its first ever funding in 2019. Through her creativity and brilliant writing skills, she is committed towards exploring newer heights and possibilities for MWC and help MWC realize its vision of ‘Empowered Women and Empowered Communities’. A firm believer of equity and social justice, Nivedita has a love affair with books, coffee and rain.
In her own words: “Nivedita is so much more, but she is also so much less than all this-- she's just stardust”

Our MWC Woman of the Week is ‘ANU RANDHAWA’, who is one of our founding members and an active MWC volunteer since 2008. Anu has played a crucial role in the formation, strengthening and growth of MWC through her passion, creativity, professionalism and leadership.
In the words of Anu, “For me, MWC has always been a medium to discover ‘the Unexplored Possibilities within Myself’. I am ever so grateful to MWC for helping me evolve into my ‘current version’…………..and as a ‘DOT’ on this ‘CIRCLE of MWC’; I strive to create similar opportunities and possibilities for other women who are part of the ‘MWC Community’……….one step at a time…..’DOTS BY DOTS’: Connecting Them All”.


Our MWC Woman of the Week is ‘GULNAZ REHAN’, who is one of our founding members and a supporter of MWC since 2009.
Gulnaz is a ‘leader without a title’ who ensures every day that her home is a loving and nurturing haven for her children and her family. As a dedicated full-time mother and homemaker, Gulnaz is a testimony to MWC’s philosophy that ‘women are the foundation of strong, healthy and vibrant families and communities’.
A mother of two, Gulnaz enjoys cooking and baking and volunteers her time to empower individuals and families in her community.


Our MWC Woman of the Week is ‘FAWZIA NOOR’, who is a dedicated core member of Malton Women Council. A Licensed Paralegal and a Conflict Resolution Coach, Fawzia is passionate about improving the quality of life of individuals and families through her legal, humanitarian and philanthropic work in the diverse communities. MWC and community at large have been benefiting from Fawzia’s conflict resolution workshops and paralegal services.

An amazing mother, Fawzia loves painting, travelling and spending time with her family.

In the words of Fawzia, “I believe all women in this world are special and if we look deeply into our hearts and hear our inner voice, we will always find ourselves to know WHO WE TRULY ARE”.


Our MWC Woman of the Week is ‘MEHWISH JAVED’, who is one of our founding members and a dedicated supporter of MWC since 2009. A committed mother of 3, she works as a Human Resources Coordinator at an employment company.

With her positive and warm personality, Mehwish has contributed to MWC in so many amazing ways. Through her journey of self-actualization, Mehwish has not only empowered herself and her family, but has also become an inspiration for so many women around her.

MWC, in the truest sense, has evolved because of the empowering stories of women like Mehwish!!


Our ‘MWC Woman of the Week’ is SURJEET SANDHU, who is our Board Treasurer and a very committed core group member. A GO GETTER, Surjeet has always boosted the morale of Team MWC, when things seem hard to achieve….. She never hesitates to propose innovative ways to work towards our vision of empowering women, families and communities.

Through her extensive work in the fields of finance, social services and health; Surjeet has helped MWC evolve at so many fronts.

In the words of Surjeet, “Being a Peer Support allows me to share my life experiences and life lessons with so many other women and create a positive impact in their lives”.


Our MWC Woman of the Week is HAFSA TAQDEES, who is one of our founding members and currently serves on our Board of Directors. A vibrant community leader, Hafsa has contributed towards our vision of empowering women, families and communities through her passion, creativity, spirit of volunteerism and outstanding leadership!

A versatile personality, Hafsa beautifully performs the roles of an amazing Mother; a remarkable Entrepreneur and a dedicated Community Change Agent.

In the words of Hafsa, “I cannot resist three things- service to humanity; a spirit for life-long learning and celebrating life through family, friends, music, parties and selfies”!


We are proud to launch our ‘The MWC Women’ series, whereby we will share with you about the women who are at the core of MWC…the women who inspire us, support us and give us many reasons to passionately work towards our vision of empowering women, families and communities.

Our MWC Woman of the week is UZMA IRFAN, who is the face of Malton Women Council and has given MWC the wings and the sky to explore the limitless possibilities for our women and families.

As Uzma humbly describes her role in this Universe, “I am a ‘CONNECTOR’ who is being sent into this world to help others realize their dreams and true potential”.

MWC-The Journey Beyond 10 Years!!!!

Dear friends and supporters of MWC, with our vision of 'empowered women, empowered communities'; we are now embarking on a new journey..........beyond 10 years! And in this second chapter of our journey, we will be developing our Strategic Plan 2020-2023. MWC would like to thank Women and Gender Equality Canada for funding us to strengthen our board and to develop our Strategic Plan for 2020-2023. As we chart our strategic directions for next 3 years, we would like to know from you about the kind of programs and services you would like MWC to focus on in the next 3 years. To find out how you can provide your feedback, please e-mail us at or call us at 647-283-2121. We look forward to your continued participation and support in our journey of empowering women, families and communities!!!

MWC-Celebrates Colors of Life!!!!

MWC believes in CELEBRATING LIFE through the richness of our diverse languages, cultures, songs and stories. Celebration of South Asian Heritage Month in the May of 2009 was one such celebration which brought all of us together…..mothers, grandmothers, young girls, teachers, families and the Dunrankin Drive Public School community. The spark continued and led to the formation of Malton Giddha Group, a group passionate about celebrating and sharing the colors and beauty of rich and diverse South Asian culture. What started as a women’s cultural, social and support group in and around Dunrankin Drive Readiness Centre, eventually became the foundation stone for Malton Women Council. Today, Malton Giddha Group is an inevitable part of MWC; as through our songs, our poetry, our languages, our food, our rich culture and heritage; we share our stories, we discuss our issues and come up with holistic and practical solutions and we provide social, emotional and psychological support to women…… 

Giddha is the folk dance of the Punjab Regions of India and Pakistan. It is a dance performed by a group of women who come together in a ‘CIRCLE’ and share their feelings, their emotions and their lives through dancing and singing.